Friday, September 17, 2010

Recent stops on my internet wanderings...

Now you can find out how it is to have a ball: LINK
...or 'knorr': LINK  (the name of that pig appendage is 'knorr' in Swedish, just like the food company). 

New York Times thinks we should all draw. Great article in a new series.  It made me doodle much more coherently than usual today, resulting in little sketches of a gutter, leaves, tree, the end of a lemon, and dragonfly eyes.

Some amazing photos are here

The best homemade pizza ever
And this is for dinner tonight:
(I know, I know, I have posted this photo before, but I love it so much...)


EH said...

Amazing pizza, can I have some?

LS said...

Just come over on a Friday night and you can have as much pizza as you can eat!

LS said...

Oops, oven just broke. Sigh. No pizza on Friday.

LS said...

Yipee! Wonderful husband PP fixed the oven, and there will be pizza on Friday. EH, are you coming over? Bring the boys too.