Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February - the month of snowstorms

pining pines

We are getting pounded with snow here in NJ. So far today about 50 cm I think, and it is still coming down. Wet, icy, mixed with rain, nasty, horizontal, sticky, icky, beautiful, and heavy.

white-throated sparrow at the feeder

We ran out of birdfood this morning, so I looked in our pantry and then fed the wet and snowy birds (here a white-throated sparrow) flax seed, pumpkin seed and steelcut oats. They ate it, so it can't have been tasting that bad. Or they might have been desperate.

tracks on road

Our road, unplowed for hours - I am not really sure I am getting to work tomorrow... The snow isn't easing up yet, so we might get 30 cm more, who knows.

More photos are on my Flickr account.


LS said...

Update: We got about 50 cm snow (=20 inches or so) yesterday and schools are closed for a second day. Roads are barely plowed, still with lots of snow on them, all snow-covered, and I am working from home in the warmth. The blue jays are occupying the bird feeder area so no little birds can get there... talk about garden bullies.

Mr. Lebo said...

Being snowed in for a couple of days with some good coffee sounds marvelous. Enjoy every minute of it. (Perhaps feed the coffee grounds to the blue jays and see if that keeps them away our hypes them up. One is good the other would just be interesting. It's win/win.)

LS said...

Roasted coffee beans to blue jays? Isn't that like throwing pearls to swine (a Swedish expression..)? But I admit, an interesting experiment. I have a feeling that would make them more hyper and all the birds would destroy our cedar paneling even more. :)