Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Egg breaks record...

With the egg post yesterday, which was mailed out and twittered to many people (not by me), we broke our old record of visits per day. 526 people took a look at our blog and the peacock by the egg tractor. Thanks for the visit, come back whenever you like!

More news in the world: Sweden got its first gold medal this year in the Olympics, in Women's cross country skiing. Go Kalla, go!

Check out the ferocious hunger of the geckos of Madagascar in Chad's fantastic blogpost.

In Stockholm there is the yearly design week. Some photos here.

Everything you need to know about brain farts. (you might have to subscribe for free)

And the seeds for the garden are ordered. On its way are Sungold orange cherry tomatoes, tiny pickling cucumbers, sunflowers, Chioggia and red and golden beets, Swiss chard with orange, pink, and white stems, lettuce in many colors and shapes, and some flowers that I hope will survive the onslaught of bugs and mammals, as well as rain and drought. Gardening in New Jersey is more of a challenge than I ever expected.


Mr. Lebo said...
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Mr. Lebo said...

256 hits on the egg post! Surely you must be yolking.

LS said...

Actually, more than 500 hits :) Eggxactly.