Friday, September 25, 2009

Swedes are still viking descendants...

...but apparently not closely related to the very first hunter-gatherers that entered the Scandinavian peninsula when the last ice sheet from the ice age moved north starting about 12 000 years ago. This interesting article was just published and it concludes:

"Today's Scandinavians are not descended from the people who came to Scandinavia at the conclusion of the last ice age but, apparently, from a population that arrived later, concurrently with the introduction of agriculture."

So a new front of crop-bearing invaders came from the south around 4000 years ago and invaded the north. Interesting!

So, what happened to the old stone-agers that didn't do agriculture? Did they die out? Where did they go? Where they like the Neanderthals or American Indians, pushed back and isolated?

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