Thursday, September 10, 2009

The best softserve icecream in the world...

...can be found across the street from my old elementary school in Eskilstuna, in the Slagsta neighborhood. People are driving from near and far to order the silky-whipped-creamy-softy-white-and-yummy concoctions. Even the construction and public works workers show up at lunch time to have a cup of icecream (they are the ones in the bright yellow clothes).

Slagstaglass... oh, what memories from childhood. It started out like a regular candystore (kiosk) with an icecream machine, and now, 30 years later, the candy is gone and it is all icecream. You used to have to eat the icecream standing on the street outside, and now they even have tables and chairs and a little indoors place to sit if it is cold and rainy. The sign below says 'diet cup' (Dietbägare), but that is not what we ordered.. :)
Mmmm, waffle cups with icecream and accessories. Whipped (real) cream on top of course, and one with 'polkagris'-candy, one with chocolate sprinkles and caramel sauce, and one with fresh Swedish summer strawberries and strawberry jam. The jam is a trademark since the 1950s when it all started with Folke Johansson in this exact place. This is the original, folks! The real thing. It reminds me of the classic concrete icecream on old Rt 66 in St Louis, USA, also fantastic experience.
A closeup for those of you that really want to get your mouths watering. This one was my choice from their extensive ice cream menu. The cups are called 'snäckor', = shells, and the strawberry one is only sold when there are Swedish strawberry season.

Slagstaglass is so local and Swedish that they don't have a website in English. The icecream is made on site, from fresh ingredients, and it is a small family-owned company. Long live the local food producers...

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