Sunday, July 12, 2009

Yksi kaksi kolme

IS and Pippi Longstocking (not her real name) took me to see an art exhibit about contemporary art in Finland and Sweden, and a few things really stood out. The name of the exhibit is "Ei Saa Peitää" (=Do not cover, a sentence that was on every electric radiator when I grew up.

Mikael Ericsson had a multimedia exhibit in a large dark room with a curved screen - his white drawings on blue background were very suggestive and fastpaced - like a combination between French animation, doodling, and timber spiders... I took several videos that are on my account on Flickr, and here is one.

The whale called Archangel of Seven Seas by Marcus Copper was also incredible. A whale skeleton was made out of wood and the wooden organ pipes from a burned down rural Finnish church, and hooked up to a compressor or something so the whale 'played', with incredible deep sounds, like whale song. A must see!

Marcus Copper: Archangel of Seven Seas

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