Thursday, July 16, 2009

Trip to the area Hälsingland

Canola field in Ärla socken

Sweden in summer is a country of easy pleasures. The scenery and landscape gives you blissfull cure from the long dark wintertime. The sun arises long before me, at four in the morning and set not until after nine in the evening. The canola field is lik the sun and the linen field of blue flowers is like our short blue nights.
Except for a few annoying things, like ticks, mosquitos and horseflies, there is nothing to beware of really, landowner allows other people to walk their land and paddle the lakes freely.

Linen field in bloom, Oil linen Ärla socken

Before leaving Eskilstuna for the north, we make a stop at the best Ice cream place I know.

Slagsta Icecream café in Eskilstuna.

Gott och blandat bägare med slagstaglass, strawberry icecream and candy "Gott och blandat".

Spent the night in a sleeping car from the historic Orient express train. Figures in Agatha Christine thriller and movies. The train is parked in Gävle, in the perimeter of Furuvik Zoo. They have a lot of monkeys, we saw schimpanses, orangutangs, gibbons, lemurs etc.

One of three wagons parked for good.

Our hotel for the night.

(For O.K.) Gävlebukten

A small river where we paddled yesterday, Flugån, (Fly creek) but we saw (read: felt!) more mosquitos than flies.

Large Hälsingland- wooden houses across the lake.

An old abandoned smedja, (blacksmiths house)

Everything is left.
Old handdriven drill.


LS said...

So, how was the sleep in the Orient Express? They really had English text in Russia, or was it repainted? Looks lovely - too bad about the mosquitos. My legs are badly bitten by horseflies, but otherwise we are doing great here on the west coast. That blacksmith house is sad - everything left inside and just falling and rusting apart. Thanks for all the great photos.

EH said...

Well, sleep was OK but it wasn´t the best place I´ve seen. We told the kids we had to train to sleep in a train car so we can go on trains with them in the future. They bought the concept and behaved well!

AnS said...

Så trevligt med din reseberättelse och mycket fina bilder.