Monday, February 16, 2009

Swedish-Asian New York

The day after AREA's 15th birthday she and I spent in New York. We went to our favorite handmade soap store - LUSH - and splurged on fantastic scents and suds. They have stores in Sweden too, and you should try this brand out. We are never going back to the supermarket brandname soaps. AREA got some clothes are the Swedish favorite H&M (cheap and popular here). We had lunch at the great Thai restaurant Republic. I wonder how many non-Swedes know that H&M comes from the names "Hennes & Mauritz".

At Republic I had milky hot cardamom tea, the orange drink in the photo below, and lemongrass noodle soup with scallion, chicken, and cilantro. AREA had pad thai which also was great but the photo didn't come out good. The restaurant has no chairs, only long tables with backless benches, so at first it feels very different. Great photo art on the walls, and exceptional food.

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EH said...

When you come here AREA, I will take you to H&M and hopefully they´ll have summer sale.