Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bathroom- not yet finished, but soon

This is how it look, now that we´ve started to use our new bathroom. If feels great and even though it's a few details left to finish, the big work is completed. We added a bit less than 2 square meters to the bathroom but it feels much bigger! We´ve added an extra sink and a niche for the laundry machine.
We have floor heating (electricity) but it´s not on yet.

Our towel dryer, next to the bath tub, gives you a warm towel after the morning shower!
In the hallway, the new door to the master bedroom is almost finished. Later on the new wall will get new paint or wallpaper, just as well as our bedroom walls.

We have still to pay for this improvement, but it feels well worth it. We have absolutely improved the living in this house.


AnS said...

This will be a nice bathroom .

LS said...

It must feel so great to have a bathroom again. I like the towel dryer, that would be nice to have. I wish we had a bigger bathroom instead of our little 'kyffe'. And a nice bathtub, a deep one, like you have. Maybe you can have an orchid hanging in the window. It will like the steam from the shower.

EH said...

Yes,an orchid is perfect, already have the hook ready in the window.
Missing the wood piece for the orchid, that I will put there. I want to do a mounting as they had in the Greenhouse in Rutgers. I´m going to make a little trip to a store called "The Orchid House" in Stockholm, they probably have some.