Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bathroom in the making

The bathroom.

We haven´t used it yet, but it´s nearly finished.
It still lack electricity and some mirrors and cupboards and paint. But most of it is ready for use and it feels luxurious. The pictures don´t give the best impression I´m afraid, I have no picture editing program in my computer right now. I had a computer breakdown and had to reinstall the op.system.
Example of tiles, 20 x 30 cm size. Flooring is also tiles. The towel dryer is connected to the heating system, so it also works like a radiator. We will also have a niche for a washing machine, to the left in the photo.

Hopefully I can take some more photos when it´s all done. In the hallway and our bedroom there is still work left to do, building new closets and putting up wallpaper and such. But we´ll get there! :-)


PP said...

wow it's a long time that you have not had your own bath...looking good though. The designer in me would want to see some color in there and in the middle of the night last night I thought if you had some nice towels that would do it. Post some more when you get more finished.

LS said...

Yes, I feel sorry for you for not having a shower in the house for months! But it looks real nice. Is the floor heated? With a shower curtain, towels and some colorful soaps it will be so inviting! I remember two cabinets on the floor plan, are they in yet?

EH said...

Well, color is not really a problem in this house which is filled with toys in various colors. "Think Fisher-Price".

But we have chosen the bathroom color to be a ground color and spice it up with towels and other things. I made the handyman put up a hook in the window for a nice flower and have a shower curtain with a lot of turquiose "bubbles". So there will be color too.

We don´t have any lamps yet, but the water is turned on. Heated floor, cabinets and mirrors in place etc. All there.

I have actually taken my first shower in there tonight. Without the bathroom door, since it´s away to be painted.