Monday, January 27, 2014

Homemade Jewelry 2014 part 1

The last few days I have dived into my pearl and bead storage. Many I have bought myself and many are sent to me from LS. A few are picked up on my travels, in Bologna, Italy, in NY, USA and on local markets in Sweden and other countries. (I have some black Icelandic lava from the past summer trip, but it has not revealed itself yet, I don't know what I will make out of it.)

So, beads are made of clay/ceramics, shell, plastic, acrylic, wood, minerals and glass. These shown in the pictures are mostly glass, colored jade and colored magnesit (often called synthetic turquoise) and metal alloys.

 Turquoise-colored magnesite

 Citrine (?) earrings and painted (plastic) seashell
 Owls from NJ, US and Russian dolls from Stockholm
 Rose quartz and hematite
Sometimes my handmade jewelry have names. This one is called Blue China. Another one is called Gone fishing.....I´ll show it some other day.

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LS said...

Oh, they are so nice. I especially like the Blue China one! Maybe because I have ear rings that have some of those white-blue porcelain beads in them (hmm, I wonder where those are, haven't seen them in a while...). Nice post!