Friday, June 21, 2013

Iceland review day 4 and 5

Lavafield (hraun) from 1783.

Mountains on the south coast.

Yesterday was by far the most exciting day. The offroad bus did not show up, but an icelander with a monster truck did, with room for us. The tour he was taking us was more of a track than a road, and it went through lava fields with big caves and tunnels, over rivers and on snow fields. It was great! We had perfect clear sky and view over three jökulareas. He drove us up to the Lakigigjar, from the eruption 1783, a row of 25 eruption cones. Overall, we had a fantastic trip. In the late evening, I took a photo tour in the midnight sun. Pics are in the camera, so I show them later. 

Today we have seen Gullfoss and Geysir and ended the day with a bath in natural hot spring water and steam, in a newbuilt spa in Laugarvatn. They had built the spa over a natural steam spring, so there were no termostats. If it got too warm you could open the door, or go outside! Under the floor we could hear the water boiling. Amazing!
Geothermal spa in Laugarvatn


LS said...

So great to hear about your trip! Going over the lava fields sounds like fun. To me Iceland is not really a place that is welcoming people - lava, hot water, fog, and wintry sea, but it can be so incredibly beautiful. It is 19 years since I was there, and I would love to go back some time.

EH said...

Hi LS! We can take a plane from each continent to Iceland and travel there together, I will surely be back, hopefully soon.