Monday, December 31, 2012

October skies

(I wrote this in October while driving to work, but forgot to post it until now. There should be a photo from the Delaware-Raritan Canal path with this, but that seem to have been lost. I think you might be able to imagine this anyway. )

October skies have high ceilings.
Suddenly there is light again in the forest.
Dark tall trees stand naked, with ther leafy clothes on the forest floor.
Gold, amber, umbra shimmer along suddenly invisible paths.
Pure iceblue sky.
A red, red maple holds fast against frost and fall storms, but even it will give up its foliage.
Despite destruction, death and decay this is a happy time.
We are tired of hot, humid and hellish summers, the overbearing greenishness of if all.
The overabundance of tomatoes, zucchinis, and peppers.
It is a time for a pause, a piece of rest.
Brown branches reach out in October air, filled with spores, smells of soils and moisture, and interveawed by glittering spiderwebs.
We are all prepared for November now.

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