Thursday, November 29, 2012

For the love of socks, and not just any socks...

I spend about half of each year wearing my favorite socks - those times when it is colder and you need something warm and cozy on your feet.  It is even better (I think) if the socks both makes your body and your mind happy, and therefore I love colored, patterned socks, especially striped socks. My favorite winter socks are from Smartwool, an American company that actually makes their socks in the US.  They have striped, cabled, patterned, funky, long, short and just gorgeous socks.  OK, so I am a sock woman...  Right now I have Swedish socks on, cotton with black and white stripes like a piano.

A few days ago I ordered a 3-pack of new socks from them.  I expected to get just the usual, three pairs of socks tied together with some plastic strap in a plastic bag.  But, big happy surprise when they arrived today.  I opened the postal package and inside was a long, narrow brown cardboard box.  On the top of the box it said "Lucky, lucky you!".  Ahhhh!  I opened the box, with a Christmas feeling in my stomach, and there they were, neatly folded up, three pairs of differently patterned red socks.  My heart filled with joy!  Not only did I get socks, but I got LUCKY socks!  Smartwool really knows how to please the customers.  Thank you, Smartwool!  And the box, that will be perfect for storing my jewelry-making tools...

Oh, I should also tell you that these wool socks can be washed in the washing machine (on cold, low temp), and last for a long time.  Yes, they do wear out, but that is because I wear them so much. 

PS.  I rarely endorse products, but in this case I really think this product is great.  And I didn't get paid a penny to write this, in fact, I paid over $40 to get three pairs of wonderful socks.  Nobody on this blog gets any freebies from any company in return for good reviews.  Nope, here we tell the truth as we see it.


city said...

thanks for sharing.

LS said...

I just removed a comment on this post -
Funny - the spammers are spamming my non-commercial, unpaid approval of a product. Sorry spammers, all your comments and fake or hidden links will be deleted.

Katie H said...

I found SmartWool socks years ago, and they are nice indeed! My boyfriend at the time worked in a shoe shop (heaven!), so I stocked up on socks and shoes while I could.

The socks that impress me the most, though, and that I love above all others, are the
Air-E-ator by DeFeet socks. I'm not being paid for this endorsement either, believe me, but I've had three pairs of their socks for going on eight years now, and worn them copiously.
As opposed to my beloved SmartWool socks, these are still hole-free and in fabulous condition, despite being abused in sports like hockey, ice climbing, hiking, running, and just normal wear.

Because of your post, I actually looked them up online (didn't even know the brand name ten minutes ago), and here's a link
to the site.
Guess I must've gotten the cycling model, but they've worked just fine for all sports!

LS said...

Oh, those socks look great too! I should try them. Thanks Katie!