Wednesday, May 23, 2012

All kinds of stuff

What about a sizzling bacon scented candle? At Think geek they have them, along with electronic firefly in a jar and a credit card lightbulb! Check it out!


LS said...

So, how do you think they get the bacon scent? Add some bacon fat to the candle?

EH said...

It´s all synthetic bacon of course! Clean chemistry for the modern person! No natural additives. :-)

Have you ever studied the ad´s from the 40´s or 50´s? Chemistry industry was a savior, much like your freezebox compared to the ice cupboard.

Today it´s all reversed, anything synthetic is bad for you, and natural is all good. Right?! But plants cannot be full of natural toxins, and chemistry is always dirty business? Or what do you think?