Friday, September 23, 2011


Today is Equinox, the day when day and night are the same length. Wikipedia has an article about this astronomical and earthly fact here.

I checked up the English name, in Swedish it´s "höstdagjämningen".

Equinoxe...thoughts go back to childhood and music of Jean-Michel Jarre, a french musician who made music with synthezisers only. Very futuristic at the time, by 1978. LS used to listen to this at home a lot. Do you recall the music, LS?


LS said...

I remember, and I think I still have his music, now on my ipod! I both like and dislike his music - it can be both disturbing and galactic space music at the same time.

AI said...

Talking about equinox and disturbing music - you should check out this video by Skrillex. Both the video and music is slightly disturbing, but I like it: