Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer in northern Sweden (from EH)

Fröå mine, a coppermine in Åre, Sweden. In the bakery they make
flatbread in a woodfired oven. 'Rallarros' (fire weed) is the flower in
the foreground.


Sarah said...

A lot of the pictures of Sweden on this blog remind me of Oregon (outside of the city.) That fireweed grows all over certain parts of Mount Hood National Forest. (I have always wondered if it was invasive, but I haven't looked it up.)

LS said...

I think fireweed is native to the whole northern hemisphere... so, if invasive, then it is a invasive native American species. I will check.

LS said...

Yes, just checked - native to the whole northern hemisphere. Of course it must have started someplace, not suddenly been everywhere at once, but that is something for the evolutionary biologists to figure out.

Fireweed is a replacement for black tea, historically.