Monday, February 14, 2011

Ponderings on potatoes

Why are so many people more excited over the new flavors on potato chips than over the fact that potatoes (and we) actually exist?  I think that potatoes exist is much, much more awesome and extreme than the latest flavor cooked up in some food chemistry lab. But nobody talks about that...  (OK, for the record, I love salt & vinegar and pickle-flavored chips).

Some photos of recently 'discovered' flavors from the food labs.

horseradish chips
ketchup chips?

Extreme Screamin' dill pickle chips, anyone?  And dipping a chip in ketchup is not longer necessary (who would dip them anyway?).  And horseradish and cheddar, Swedes - would you eat 'pepparrot och ostsmak'?  In Sweden there are chips flavored with dill, chives, and 'juicy onion and cheese'.  There are lots of special chips flavors around the world, and I would like to try the kimchee one from Japan. 
But I am getting away from the topic.  My point is that many people sit around and think about and drool over chips, without being in awe that one little planet in a huge vast, maybe infinite,universe has 'managed to' evolve humans and potatoes from scratch (or near scratch). I think that is much more awesome than some new flavor of a chips developed by a human brain and marketed for millions and millions of dollars that could have been spent on making this planet a better home for everybody. 


PP said...

I'm sorry but why do people always try to make one thing taste like another thing? Call me crazy but potato chips should taste like....hmmmm lets think...maybe potatoes?

Sarah said...

I have a soft spot for those Herr's ketchup chips. I had mustard chips in France once that were really good, like wasabi they were so spicy. But I'd rather eat a real potato!

Sarah said...

The potato chips of the world reminds me, there's a Subzi Mandi on 27 that I sometimes go to with a friend, when I'm visiting, and they always have interesting potato chips that I think are from England. They are Lay's and other familiar brand, but flavored with garam masala or different curries. They are really good. Like portable curries!